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David Casey Jr. honored for work on behalf of Sept. 11 victims**

February 27, 2002 Press Releases

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Casey Gerry Reed Schenk Attorney to be Recognized on March 22

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Honoring San Diegans who have devised peaceful solutions during a year marked by random violence, the San Diego Mediation Center’s (SDMC) 14th annual Peacemaker Awards event is appropriately themed “Responses to Terrorism.”

Among the honorees at this year’s event — to be held March 22 at the Mission Valley Marriott — is David Casey Jr., a senior partner with Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk. Casey will be recognized for his work on behalf of victims of the World Trade Center disaster.

As vice president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), Casey played an instrumental part in organizing a moratorium on civil lawsuits that might arise out of the events of Sept. 11. In addition, as part of the ATLA executive committee, Casey worked to develop the September 11 Victim’s Fund, which provides financial relief to survivors. With Casey’s support, ATLA also made a commitment to providing pro bono work on behalf of the victims’ families — the largest such program in the history of the United States.

“This has been a particularly challenging year, during which the world — and San Diego County — has faced new and sobering levels of violence and terrorism,” said Laura Walcher, event chair. “The Mediation Center is honoring San Diegans and institutions who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to non-violent problem-solving, among them Mr. Casey — who is to commended for his proactive, innovative response to the events of Sept. 11.

” In addition to his work on behalf of ATLA, Casey is one of the lead attorneys on a ground-breaking case involving American POWs during World War II who were captured and forced into labor by Japanese companies. This has resulted in legislation in the U.S. Congress to hold these companies responsible for the damages they inflicted on American POWs.

Casey also represented Governor Gray Davis in a lawsuit against the tobacco companies, which led to the recovery of $25.2 billion — one of the nation’s largest tobacco settlements.

A third-generation attorney, Casey has spent more than 25 years practicing law. Specializing in serious personal injury, wrongful death and business and consumer fraud cases, he has long been recognized as a top lawyer in his field, and has obtained successful verdicts and settlements for dozens of high profile cases.

He has received numerous professional awards, including more than 40 accolades from the Trial Bar Association and the “Outstanding Trial Lawyer” award from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, formerly the San Diego Trial Lawyer’s Association (SDTLA). He is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice. In addition, he is past president of both the SDTLA and the Consumer Attorneys of California, and has been inducted into the International Academy of Barristers. He was recently named a fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

The native La Jollan received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College and was awarded a law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law. In 1974, he joined what is now Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk, a law firm his father founded more than 50 years ago.

Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk is the oldest plaintiffs’ law firm in San Diego. The firm’s eleven attorneys practice in numerous areas, including personal injury, business torts, medical malpractice, asbestos litigation, maritime law, class action and products liability. The firm is located at 110 Laurel Street in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood of San Diego. For further information call (619) 238-1811, or visit the website at //

For tickets to the Peacemaker Awards dinner — part of the SDMC’s Day of Dialogue — please call (619) 238-2400 ext. 21.