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Class Action lawsuit filed against City of San Diego for overcharging sewer services

June 22, 2004 Press Releases

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Suit filed to reclaim upwards of $10 Million

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — In an effort to help residents reclaim an estimated $10 million in damages — money that was allegedly mischarged for sewer services — consumer advocate Michael Shames and the law offices of Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk; Krause & Kalfayan and Capretz & Associates have joined forces to file a class action lawsuit against the City of San Diego.

According to Frederick Schenk, a partner with San Diego-based Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk, the City was supposed to charge users of the sewer system based on how much they contributed to the pollutant load, yet failed to to do so. Schenk said that the lawsuit to reclaim the funds is being spearheaded by lead plaintiff Michael Shames, a longtime consumer advocate and executive director of the consumer advocacy group, the Utility Consumer Action Network (UCAN).

The law firms are representing Shames personally, and UCAN is not a plaintiff in the case.

“The plaintiff, Michael Shames, maintains that the City knowingly overcharged residents for the treatment and discharge of organic pollutants — services they didn’t use,” Schenk said. “As a result, businesses and commercial entities that were actually producing the pollutants got a break on sewer fees, while residents paid more than they should have.”

Established in 1947, Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk is the oldest plaintiffs’ law firm in San Diego. The firm is located at 110 Laurel Street in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood of San Diego.