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Jury finds Town & Country resort at fault for slip and fall injury.

February 1, 2005 Press Releases

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San Diego, Calif. — A San Diego Superior Court jury has ordered the Mission Valley Town & Country Resort and Convention Center to pay $517,933.73 in damages to a Baltimore, Maryland resident who tripped and fell over a concrete parking lot wheelstop on November 19, 2002.

Robert J. Francavilla, a partner with San Diego-based law firm of Casey Gerry Reed & Schenk, represented Norma McCormack , 61, in the case against the well-known San Diego hotel.

According to Francavilla, after parking her car in the hotel lot to go to her room following an evening seminar in another part of the resort, McCormack tripped over a wheelstop which was straddling two parking stalls and obstructing the walkway. “The dark blue color of the wheelstop, coupled with poor lighting, created a serious hazard to pedestrians,” he said.

As the result of her fall, McCormack broke both ankles and required major surgery on her left ankle. “The jury determined that the fall was due to negligence on the part of the hotel,” Francavilla explained. The conditions violated numerous safety codes, even the hotel’s own trip and fall prevention policy which mandates unobstructed public walkways and proper lighting.

“The jury agreed that the hotel hadn’t safely maintained their property,” said Francavilla, who noted that the verdict consisted of $117,933.73 in medical expenses and lost earnings and $400,000 in general damages for plaintiff’s loss of quality and enjoyment of life. “I’m pleased that my client was fairly compensated for her injuries.”

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