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CaseyGerry Attorneys Attend “Women En Mass” Event

According to studies from the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), females are still significantly underrepresented in law firm leadership roles. While females comprise nearly 35 percent of all attorneys, women account for just 15 percent of equity partners — a level that has not changed in over five years.

Those figures hold true in most facets of the law – from corporate to real estate to mass tort. In response, Aimee Wagstaff, a founding partner of Denver’s Andrus Hood & Wagstaff, recently spearheaded and hosted “Women En Mass” in Aspen, Co. The event was designed to allow female plaintiffs attorneys working in the mass tort field the chance to come together and talk about the issues that impact them – from the boardroom to the courtroom.

CaseyGerry partners Gayle M. Blatt and Wendy M. Behan both attended this working retreat and were impressed by the energy and ideas that were generated at the  two-day event.

According to Behan, the speaking line-up included some of the most powerful players in the field of mass tort today, among them Elizabeth Cabraser, Dianne Nast, Amy Eskin and Lori Andrus.

“Speakers reflected back on how far women have come in the field of mass torts and how far they still need to go in order to be equitably represented – and attain leadership positions in high profile cases,” Behan said.

Ultimately, the event focused on ideas and solutions that can make a difference in women’s lives everywhere.