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April 1, 2013 Press Releases

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Attorneys for a woman severely injured in a poolside fall recently settled the complex premises liability case for $7.5 million in damages.

According to lead counsel, CaseyGerry partner Robert J. Francavilla, his client slipped and fell on the deck of a resort pool – where the non-slip safety surface had worn away. She fell on the cement, turning her ankle in the process, while carrying a friend’s 12-month-old baby. “Unfortunately, her serious ankle sprain eventually developed into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,” Francavilla explained. “This is a chronic condition that causes searing pain and difficulty with motor function. In advanced stages, it can cause irreversible effects on the immune system.”

Victims, like the plaintiff, appear healthy, but develop unrelenting and excruciating nerve pain. The plaintiff’s condition deteriorated over time, requiring her to miss work and undergo several medical procedures. “Although she uses a spinal cord stimulator – which utilizes electrical impulses to help mask pain – anything physical causes her tremendous pain and discomfort,” Francavilla said. “This married mother of two’s active life has been severely diminished,” he said. “She was the family’s breadwinner, and the settlement will help compensate for significant loss of wages, medical care and expenses as well as significant quality of life issues.”

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