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San Diego Residents Lend a Helping Hand

May 20, 2014 Blog

Despite the terror and damage they have wrought, the recent wildfires which have besieged the San Marcos, San Elijo, Carlsbad and Escondido areas of the region have once again brought together San Diegans in a positive way.

Organizations from The Salvation Army to the San Diego Blood Bank have quickly mobilized to provide relief – gearing up to help victims and first responders at the series of fires which began cropping up last week. In addition, many hotels and restaurants offered reduced rates for evacuees and San Diego museums and attractions opened their doors for free. Places to get help. Things to do. Shelters were set up throughout the County Shelter Providing Assistance and many residents pitched in to provide support.

Closer to home, CaseyGerry partner Frederick Schenk was able to provide needed shelter, food and water to over 1200 animals throughout San Diego County in his role as President of the 22nd District Agricultural Association (San Diego County Fair Board, when he and his board supported their immediate relocation and temporary rescue to the San Diego County Fairgrounds.

“For those of us who feel passionate about service to our community, we must do more than simply protect the civil justice system,”
said Schenk. “Sometimes we are tasked with protecting much more and ask nothing in return…as with these animals.”

For more about how you can help wildfire victims: Donate to San Diego County Fire Victims