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FDA Panel Recommends Limited Use of Testosterone

The controversy over testosterone therapy rages on, with an FDA advisory panel recommending limiting the use of the hormone – noting that there is minimal evidence that testosterone-boosting drugs are effective for treating common signs of aging in men. Study Recommended by FDA

The panel of FDA advisers recently voted 20-1 that language on testosterone drug labels should be revised to clarify that they have not been shown to effectively combat aging issues like low libido, fatigue and muscle loss. FDA may tighten restrictions on testosterone-boosting drugs

Specifically, the panel concluded that testosterone replacement therapies should be reserved for men with medical conditions that impair function of the testicles. FDA backs limiting use of testosterone replacement drugs

The use of testosterone – widely touted as a way to help aging men boost diminished energy – has surged in recent years, creating a billion dollar industry. Testosterone and Heart Disease

Yet an uptick in prescriptions in recent years suggests that doctors may be overprescribing the hormone – with some alarming consequences. Overselling Testosterone

In fact, men who use testosterone may be putting themselves at increased risk for heart attack and stroke – even death, according to medical reports. Testosterone tied to heart attacks, strokes, early death.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the FDA convened the advisory panel to make the recommendations about testosterone therapy – amidst these growing concerns. FDA recommends more study

Additionally, the panelists voted to require that testosterone drug makers conduct further studies about the cardiovascular risks of testosterone products. In the meantime, consumers should stand by for further news – the FDA does not have to follow the recommendations of its advisory panel and has not announced whether or not it will in this case. Limited testosterone use recommended