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Parachute Product Defect Case Following Death of Navy Seal

December 20, 2017 Aviation News

CaseyGerry proudly represented the family of a Navy Seal and decorated combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, after he was tragically killed during training exercises in the skies above San Diego when his parachute deployed unexpectedly while he was still inside an aircraft. Chief Petty Officer Bradley Cavner was standing in the open side doorway of a military aircraft, performing his duties while training to be a jumpmaster, when the wind activated the fabric ripcord of the reserve parachute on his chest.

On behalf of the family, CaseyGerry sued the private military contractors that designed and manufactured the parachute, for product defects and wrongful death.

The lawsuit involved detailed analysis of the design of the parachute and the incident itself, to understand how this tragic event happened and who was responsible. The case was prosecuted in San Diego federal court, and was resolved in a confidential settlement.

News Source:

San Diego Union-Tribune