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Pedestrian-Related Accidents Surge in San Diego

February 14, 2018 Blog,Frederick Schenk

You may think walking to work or for pleasure and exercise is good for your health. Yet, in San Diego more than 500 pedestrians are wounded or seriously injured by vehicle crashes annually. And even worse, roughly 40 percent of the average 50 traffic-related yearly fatalities are pedestrians. Statistics like these may make one reconsider this seemingly safe mode of light exercise.

According to a recent piece published in the San Diego Union Tribune, the City of San Diego is in the process of rolling out its Vision Zero plan – a strategy to reduce all traffic fatalities by 2025. Although slow to start, the plan is in motion with various planning committees, engineers, police departments, etc. all working together towards this common goal.

But no matter what the city’s plan, pedestrians should always remain alert with all senses heightened when taking to the streets. Stay on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways; don’t assume vehicles will stop – always make eye contact with drivers; watch for traffic; obey traffic signals; make yourself visible (especially at night); don’t text and walk, and if you’re in doubt, don’t cross.

If, however, you are in a dangerous situation and a car hitting you is unavoidable, there are some safety steps you can take to hopefully minimize potential injuries: protect your head; aim for the safety glass; and try to get on the hood of the vehicle.

Walking doesn’t have to dangerous, but being aware and alert is always a best practice.

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By: Frederick Schenk