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Man Crushed While Working on Aircraft Engine

March 23, 2018 Aviation Results

Product liability and negligence issues were the focal points in a case involving the death of a jet engine inspector when the thrust reverser doors on the Rolls Royce RB 211 “jumbo jet engine” were mistakenly activated. As a result, the cowling suddenly closed and crushed the inspector who was innocently working on the engine.

During the three-week trial, representing the widow and the surviving minor children, we were able to prove negligence for failure to institute and maintain adequate safety devices and warning procedures before the thruster doors activated. The case was challenging, because most of the 50 depositions taken for discovery had to be videotaped and preserved for evidence after editing, as witnesses were not within the U.S. court’s jurisdiction and could not be compelled to leave the United Kingdom where the engine was made.

AWARD: Jury verdict for the plaintiff