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Pilot “Thought He Would Die” in North San Diego County Aircraft Crash

March 23, 2018 Aviation Results

An experienced pilot told a reporter he “thought he was going to die” when the plane he was flying crashed near the Warner Springs Gliderport in North San Diego County. CaseyGerry’s client was flying a Piper Pawnee and towing a glider plane when the glider pilot lost control. The movement pulled the Piper’s tail upward and sent the plane’s nose down. A split-second decision enabled the pilot to flatten out the flight, averting a nose-down impact, but he had a hard landing that resulted in a broken back. He had to be cut out of the plane. The glider was able to land on its own.

CaseyGerry represented the tow pilot, contending the carelessness of the glider’s operator caused the crash.

Award: Confidential settlement