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Airplane Safety Tips

April 16, 2018 Aviation Blog

Whether you are flying in a small single engine plane or a 747, a safe, smooth flight is everyone’s priority. While most airplanes are safe, you can make your flight even safer by following these guidelines:

  • Pay attention to the flight attendant safety briefing at the beginning of your flight and read the safety briefing card.
  • Buckle up. Keep you and your family safe by wearing a seat belt at all times while seated. It is especially important to keep your belt fasted during take-off landing, taxiing, turbulence, and whenever the fasten seatbelt sign is illuminated.
  • Use an approved child safety seat or device if your child weighs less than 40 pounds.
  • Keep overhead storage bins free of heavy articles, if possible, since a falling heavy bag can cause serious injuries.
  • Do not bring any hazardous materials onboard
  • Follow the airline’s carry-on restrictions.

Follow the airline’s Portable Electronic Device (PED) policy.
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