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What to Do After a Bicycle Crash

August 23, 2018 Bicycle Accident Blog

The shock of a bicycle accident can make it difficult to remember how to protect yourself – especially if you collided with a motor vehicle and sustained injuries. Stay calm and remember C-R-A-S-H to know what to do after a bicycle crash.

Check for injuries. The adrenaline of the crash might initially make you feel like everything is fine, but you might be seriously injured.

Request medical assistance. If you are hurt, call 9-1-1 or ask someone else to call for you. Report the incident and let the operator know you need medical help.

Ask for information. Get the driver’s license plate number. Get the names and contact information of all witnesses. Even if a police officer is on the scene, keep this information for yourself. If you are able, take photos and video of the crash site.

Save the bicycle. Your damaged bike can be important evidence in reconstructing the crash to determine what happened and who is at fault. If you were wearing a fitness tracking device, keep the information recorded from that day.

Hire an attorney. If someone else’s carelessness caused your injuries, the insurance companies involved may contact you with the intention of avoiding paying for a claim. Further, bills from the emergency room, physician visits, surgery, and other medical care can become staggering. Contacting an experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you seek compensation for these sudden expenses.

By taking these steps, you can be sure you’ll receive the care you need right away and that you’re protecting your legal rights.

CaseyGerry Can Help You After a Bicycle Crash

If you sustained injuries because of someone’s negligence on the road, we can help. With a 70-year track record of legal success, we know how to put our clients’ interests at the forefront and prove their case.

A bicycle crash is unexpected, and the injuries can be life-changing. Our firm can help you and your family through this traumatic time. Feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation. California’s statute of limitations restricts the amount of time an injured person may file a lawsuit, so it’s important to act immediately.