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San Diego Boating Injuries

October 25, 2018 Maritime Litigation Blog

Boating accidents are particularly dangerous due to the added threat of drowning, boat fires, and more. The events leading to an accident are critical in understanding why it happened and who is at fault. In addition to carelessness aboard, use of drugs or alcohol, factors involving boat conditions, weather, and defective boat parts may have had a role in the accident. Here are a few common causes of San Diego boating injuries.

Common Causes of Boating Injuries

Boat driver carelessness can easily contribute to a boat accident. It’s the driver’s responsibility to understand the boating “rules of the road” that apply to San Diego, the State of California, and federal law. Disobeying the rules or otherwise acting negligently endangers the boat’s driver and passengers and anyone nearby.

Driver carelessness may lead to one of these grave errors (or others):

  • Disregarding speed limits and/or rules regarding safe boating speed around other vessels, swimmers, etc.
  • Taking on a wave or boat wake too fast or at an unsafe angle
  • Allowing too many passengers aboard
  • Failing to look for people in the water such as swimmers, tubers, or water-skiers
  • Not appropriately yielding to other vessels
  • Lacking safety equipment on board that is required by law

Whether or not they are driving, boat owners are responsible for properly maintaining their vessels. Failure to repair or replace broken parts or equipment can cause hazards aboard the boat or cause it to function improperly.

Passenger negligence may also have a role in boating injuries. Distracting the driver or taking other dangerous actions could lead to a preventable accident.

Both drivers and passengers should be extra vigilant if poor weather approaches. It’s critical to take the proper precautions during an emergency. The California boating guide explains how.

Boat and equipment manufacturers must always be on the lookout for defective boat products. When necessary, they must recall defective parts. Failure to do so puts boat users unknowingly in danger.

Types of Boating Injuries

A boat accident could lead to any of the below injuries (and others):

  • Hypothermia
  • Burns, electrocution
  • Traumatic brain injury from the impact of a collision, falling overboard, etc.
  • Oxygen deprivation in the water, leading to brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and other nervous system damage
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Lacerations, bruises, abrasions, punctures
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from boating equipment exhaust

These injuries could lead to drowning and death. When they occur as a result of another party’s negligence, an experienced maritime attorney can protect the victim’s legal rights.

Accidents that Cause Boating Injuries

Any of the negligence above can lead to these and other accidents:

  • Capsizing
  • Colliding with another vessel
  • Starting a boat fire
  • Striking a swimmer or other person in the water
  • Striking an object in the water, such as a reef, bridge, etc.

Deaths and injuries can result from any of the above boating accidents.

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