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Review of some of the laws hitting the books in 2019

By Adam B. Levine, CaseyGerry The Los Angeles Daily Journal

New laws hitting the books this year are far-reaching and cover the environment, eating out, gun safety, employment law, driving and much more.

As with most things legal, the devil can be in the details. Our attorney Adam B. Levine recently published a brief overview of the more than 1,000 laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown which go into effect in California this year.

From home to the workplace to the streets and environment between, new laws respond to big issues facing our state and aim to improve our daily experiences. Only time will tell if they have their intended effects.

Read the full article here. (Source: Daily Journal)

Adam B. Levine is an attorney at CaseyGerry – San Diego’s oldest plaintiff’s law firm – with a practice focused on serious personal injury, product/premises liability, auto and aviation cases.