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Responsibility in Boating Tragedies

October 8, 2019 Blog

Whether it’s on the Pacific Ocean, the San Diego Harbor, or one of the small bodies of water in Southern California, injuries and deaths can occur in many ways when watercrafts are involved. Even a small oversight can lead to a catastrophic incident.

The question that usually arises in boating incidents that result in injury or even death is, who should be held responsible, or was the accident simply an unfortunate occurrence? In the cases that CaseyGerry has handled, a boating tragedy occurs usually as a direct result of someone’s action, or inaction. In a collision, was the person in the other water vessel distracted? Did the vessel have a design flaw? Were limitations of the boat clearly communicated?

For many years, the CaseyGerry law firm has represented those affected by tragic boat incidents one of which was a boating accident case we resolved several years ago. Two people drowned and five more sustained injuries when a 26-foot yacht capsized in San Diego Harbor in 2010. While traveling the calm waters between Shelter and Harbor Islands, the boat capsized and threw all the passengers – three children and seven adults – into the 55-degree water. The manufacturer had noted that the yacht was not supposed to carry more than six passengers, yet there were no warnings to that effect. CaseyGerry partners Robert J. Francavilla and David S. Casey Jr. held accountable parties responsible and successfully represented the family of the two people who drowned.

In addition, CaseyGerry has been successful in representing victims against government agencies. Partners, David S. Casey Jr. and Thomas D. Luneau represented a family whose boat had collided with a speeding Coast Guard vessel which resulted in injuries. The firm resolved the case in favor of the plaintiffs against the US Coast Guard.

As a leader in California maritime accident law, our firm has compiled resources for people who have been injured and the families of people killed while boating, swimming, or sailing. We welcome you to visit our maritime litigation pages for helpful information on California boating accident law and legal recourse.