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Intcomex Data Breach

October 19, 2020 Data Breaches

Miami-based Intcomex is a supplier of technology products serving more than 50,000 retailers and 180 manufacturers. Its customers and employees recently fell victim to a cybercrime in which hackers stole about a terabyte of Intcomex’s data and released it on a hacking forum. The information stolen puts those affected at a serious risk of identity theft.

Some of the stolen and leaked data includes:

  • Full credit card data including numbers, expiration dates, cardholders’ personal information, and more
  • Scans of passports, social security numbers, and driver’s licenses
  • Customer and employee details and
  • Financial information involving payroll, banking, accounting, and more

At the time this post was published, Intcomex still had not announced the data breach, but the company did confirm the hack with the online publication Cybernews. What we do know is that the hackers released some of the information on a Russian forum in September and promised to release more in the future. In response to the breach, Intcomex noted that it has “engaged third-party cybersecurity experts to assist us in the investigation” and that it has “implemented additional enhanced security measures.” The company also said it has notified law enforcement and the affected parties.

The State of Florida, where Intcomex is based, does not have disclosure laws, but the laws are different here in California. If the company has California clients, there may be additional legal implications surrounding the breach. Regardless of the laws, it’s worrisome that the company still has not provided information directly about the breach so that those potentially impacted can adequately protect themselves.

We at CaseyGerry hold companies responsible when they allow hackers to compromise the security of the people that trusted them. Our adversaries have been some of the largest corporations in the world, including Yahoo!, Facebook, Sony, and others. Firm partner Gayle M. Blatt served on the Executive Committee in a class action against Yahoo! concerning three separate data breaches, a case that in July 2019 received preliminary approval of a $117 million settlement. Gayle also helped lead a class action against Sony Computer Entertainment America after a hacker stole the names, possibly credit card data, and other information from 77 million people. A settlement of $15 million was reached in this class action. Our firm stands up to negligent companies, no matter their size, and takes them to task for their negligence.

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