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Ascend Data Breach

November 23, 2020 Data Breaches

Ascend Clinical, a laboratory testing service specializing in testing for kidney disease, has reported a data breach that occurred in May 2020. The report states that the company detected ‘irregularities in the data systems’ and determined that an unauthorized user had accessed and downloaded patient information.

Compromised patient information includes medical record number, diagnosis, medication and dosage, and personal identifying information such as name, address, and social security number.

It is estimated that over 77,000 people were impacted by this data breach.

In response to the attack, Ascend upgraded its security systems and is working with an outside company to provide those affected with identity monitoring against identity theft and credit card fraud.

In an era where data theft is rampant, companies have an obligation to protect any personal information they gather from clients, especially when sensitive information such as medical information is at risk.

CaseyGerry is investigating the Ascend Clinical Data Breach. We continue to hold companies who have failed to provide adequate security measures for their clients’ data, accountable.

If you were a patient of Ascend Clinical and received notification of the breach, please contact our Class Action attorneys at 619-238-1811 to discuss your case.

With over 73-years protecting plaintiffs’ rights, we are fully prepared to represent those affected by this data breach.