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Chase Bank Data Breach

December 28, 2020 Data Breaches

CaseyGerry is investigating a data breach that occurred between April and November 2020 that may have put bank customers’ personal information at risk.

The breach occurred when phone calls between a Chase Bank call center employee and account holders, discussing account information, may have been overheard by an unauthorized third party. In addition, screen shots of bank accounts may have been shared with the unauthorized third party.

Identifiable and financial information of account holders may have been compromised including, account holders’ name, email address, physical address, Social security number, and account number.

In the data breach notification sent out to account holders, Chase Bank reported that no suspicious activity had been noticed so far.

However, as data theft tactics become more sophisticated, the use of stolen data on the dark web also continues to evolve.

Chase Bank customers deserve better protection from their financial institution and by failing to provide adequate cyber security, Chase Bank has exposed their account holders to potential identify theft.

The CaseyGerry law firm has a strong history of representing those harmed by the careless actions of big corporations and have successfully resolved class actions against powerful multinational corporations such as Yahoo! Inc. Data Breaches, Citrix Data Breach and more.

If you have an account with Chase Bank and have received notification of the breach, please contact our Class Action attorneys at (619) 238-1811 to discuss your case.