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Robinhood Blocks Stock Denying Customers the Benefits of the Trade

January 28, 2021 Class Action

GameStop and AMC are the latest stock trophies in the raging movement of ‘Nerds’ vs. Wall Street. The battle has caused volatile market activity and a surge in the value of stocks for no other reason than a conscious push by a group.

This is what happened with GameStop Corp. (GME). In early January 2021, GME stock started rising and has increased by approximately 300%.

Investors jumped at the opportunity, however, on January 27, 2021, investors who used the popular online brokerage app, Robinhood, were unable to purchase or even find the GME stock on the app.

By blocking customers from purchasing GME, Robinhood denied its customers the opportunity to make money.

Customers are rightly enraged by the actions of the online brokerage firm for pulling the stock for no discernable reason.

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