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Ardent Credit Union Reports Data Breach

February 3, 2021 Data Breaches

Ardent Credit Union, a Pennsylvania-based financial company, has reported a data breach that may have compromised the sensitive information of customers.

In June of 2020, an unauthorized user gained access to an Ardent employee’s email account. The email account contained identifying information such as customers’ names, driver license numbers and social security numbers.

Those potentially affected were recently notified by the company.

In the notification, Ardent reported that their investigation did not reveal any misuse of the compromised information. Although well-meaning and reassuring, this statement is fundamentally flawed.

The dark web, which is where stolen data is traded, shows certain trends emerging.  Firstly, there appears to be a preference for financial and health-related data. In addition, Ransomware attacks are on the rise as there is less work involved in making money.  Thirdly, and perhaps most concerning is data accessed and possibly traded, may not be used right away.

With several branches across the state of Pennsylvania, and approximately 85,000 ATM machines, the Ardent data breach may have exposed thousands to financial ruin and identity fraud.

CaseyGerry law firm has a strong history of representing individuals against companies who have failed to protect customers’ sensitive information. Experts have acknowledged that several data breaches on financial institutions could have been avoided if the company had adapted to recommended safety protocols.

If you have been affected by the Ardent Credit Union data breach and have received notification of the breach, please contact our attorneys at (619) 238-1811 to explore your legal rights.