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How to pick the best law firm: Early investigation makes a difference

March 24, 2021 Blog,Personal injury

How much harm can a little delay cause? When it comes to personal injury – a lot.

CaseyGerry understands the importance of early investigation. Which is why we have a team of full-time professional investigators whose job it is to obtain all relevant reports, documents, photographs, video, statements, and scene data which our attorneys and staff use to begin the process of prosecuting your case quickly and thoroughly.

Shortly after you retain our law firm, we begin our investigation to evaluate all the facts surrounding the incident. How it occurred, and all the factors including people, and entities, who may have been responsible for the incident.

The primary purpose of early investigation is to capture information while it is fresh and available.  Finding favorable witnesses who saw a car crash and recall how the incident occurred can be helpful should the defendant decide to contest liability. In a case like this, securing scene and vehicle photos as soon as possible can be extremely important tools for our investigation.  For example, weather can change the appearance of the roadway surface and impact what tire markings or other evidence was present at the time of the crash.  Also, obtaining photographs of all vehicles involved in the incident can be valuable tools for experts to help offer opinions about how the crash occurred and the impact of the crash on persons sitting in the vehicle.  Before the defendant changes the appearance of their vehicle to lessen the appearance of the velocity and impact from the crash, it is helpful to secure photographs before any changes or repairs are made to the subject vehicle.

Also important is securing evidence from sources who may have captured the incident on video from nearby homes or businesses or even within the premises where the incident occurred.  It is vitally important to request that all potential videos be retained and not deleted once there is a determination that any potential capture of the incident has been secured on film.

Finally, by getting a written statement early, we can secure the recollection of the witness while it is still fresh in one’s memory. Over time, memories may fade and recollection of what one saw may not be as clear years later.  Also, establishing early contact with independent witnesses enables our team to secure email and phone contact information for a later time, should the witness move from where they lived at the time of the incident.

If you or a loved one experiences a serious injury, your first step is to determine if you need legal help. Once that is established, picking the right firm that can quickly and effectively conduct a thorough investigation is your next step. We understand that early investigation may severely affect the outcome of a case, which is why CaseyGerry has full time professional investigators on staff helping our clients as soon as we are hired as your law firm.