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Bicycle Injuries

April 8, 2021 Bicycle Accidents,Blog

CaseyGerry has represented many plaintiffs who sustained injuries while riding bicycles. We have seen so many situations where cars drive directly into bike lanes and strike bicyclists without ever recognizing what they were doing. There were situations where people were texting and struck a bicyclist in some cases resulting in their death or serious injury.

Regardless of what so many of our clients go through after sustaining a bicycle injury, almost without exception, they have gotten back on their bicycles after recovery, because it is such a wonderful sport and way to travel. It is so good for your health and your body and mind.

Managing Partner David S. Casey, Jr., an avid bicyclist himself, remembers his cross-country bike trip.

I rode a bicycle from San Diego to Maine. It took me 2 months and I will never forget the roads, the countryside, mountains and hills, I traveled through. As our group raced into Maine, I was the first one to cross the state line. Often, we would ride 100 miles a day. It was a wonderful experience and gave me a lifelong love of bicycling. As a result, I feel a special kinship with the many bicyclists we have represented over the years.

CaseyGerry has had the honor of representing many bicyclists who were injured by the irresponsibility of others. We once had a case where a group of young kids who had been drinking, deliberately swerved into a bicyclist. We were fortunate to attain justice for our client and have won numerous 7-figure recoveries for many of our clients, holding negligent drivers accountable for what they did.

We were pleased a few years ago when the State Legislature passed a law requiring vehicles to drive around bicyclists as they approach them, and to give them plenty of room. Rather than texting, talking on the phone or not paying attention when you are near a bicyclist, a driver’s attention should always be heightened to make sure each and every bicyclist is protected on the road.

We hope that as time goes on, drivers become more sensitive to the bicyclists around them, and we also hope that in the future, bicyclist accidents decrease. In the meantime, it has been an honor to represent bicyclists. For each of them, they remind me of my journey from San Diego to Maine.