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How to pick the best law firm: Determining the value of a personal injury case

April 29, 2021 Blog,Personal injury

Clients often ask, “What is the value of my case?” It is a good question to ask a potential lawyer or law firm to help in picking the best representation for you. At CaseyGerry, we have represented thousands of people with virtually every injury imaginable and may have a sense of what the potential value of a case may be. However, even with our extensive experience, we cannot realistically assess the value of a particular case until the client has had sufficient time to completely recover, or enough time has gone by for a doctor to establish that the client has permanent residual from the injury. This could take six months to a year to get a final prognosis. Once a doctor, particularly in a specialized area, such as neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, or other specialties, can render an opinion, we are able to put a more realistic value on a client’s case.

“What is the value of my case?” It is not a simple question and clients should be wary of fast and simple answers.

In some cases where there is a permanent residual injury, a life-care specialist would review the client’s medical records and injuries to assess the permanent impact of the injury on the client’s life. A person injured in their 30’s or 40’s may have implications and residuals in their 70’s that need to be accounted for when assessing an injury. This can include complex regional pain syndrome, residuals from burn injuries, severe neurological or orthopedic injuries, brain injuries or other types of injuries.

At CaseyGerry, we work with some of the most notable doctors in the United States to make sure that we fully comprehend the impact of a client’s injury, especially the long-term consequences of the injury before we recommend a resolution to the case.

When medical records are involved, we have a Medical Records Specialist assigned to your case to make sure we get your records properly documented, and your interests are protected.

We wish each of our clients full and complete recovery from their injury, but in those circumstances when that does not occur, we want to make sure that the proper specialists are brought in to access any long-term implications.