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Srinivas Hanumadass on ‘The Come Back’ – Attorneys At Law Magazine

May 17, 2021 News Articles,Partners

CaseyGerry’s newest partner, Srinivas Hanumadass recently spoke with Attorney At Law Magazine (AALM) about his promotion and his career in this insightful Q&A.

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AALM: What drew you to CaseyGerry? Tell us a bit about your practice at the firm and your experience working together.

SH: For years, I worked on the defense side on various matters – including employment litigation, environmental construction, and personal injury. In 2013, I had a tragic wrongful death case against CaseyGerry. Over the course of that case, we developed a mutual respect. I think they appreciated how I handled the matter professionally and with sensitivity given the circumstances. About a year after the case was resolved, I caught up with one of the CaseyGerry lawyers I faced and told him I felt I had more passion, heart and soul for injury victims rather than the defendants. To CaseyGerry’s credit, they gave me an opportunity and I have been on the plaintiff’s side since. When I left the defense, my colleagues told me “You are joining the dark side,” but when I told them I was joining CaseyGerry, they said, “but those folks are good!” That made me feel good and I think we still have that reputation bar-wide that instills pride.

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