CaseyGerry Attorney Representing Family in US Postal Service Lawsuit

CaseyGerry partner Jason Evans is representing a family against the US Postal Service for allegedly causing harm to their children from the use of pepper spray.

A postal service carrier was said to have used pepper spray excessively and regularly on the family dog on his mail runs. The incident was caught on camera showing the small poodle mix, getting sprayed on the carrier’s frequent visits.

Fortunately, the effects of the pepper spray on the dog were short-lived, however, the two young children in the household who played and pet the dog regularly were exposed to the pepper spray and developed health issues as a result. Four years later, the children still suffer from the actions of the mail carrier.

Several news outlets have covered the case and the Galindo family hope that the case will bring change to the way the US Postal Service hires and trains their workers.


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