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Bicycle Injury Attorneys

As San Diego’s oldest plaintiff’s law firm, we bring our extensive knowledge as bicycle injury attorneys to each case we handle.

A person hurt in a bicycle collision might have a wide range of injuries. More than 70 years of legal representation in San Diego has given our firm the experience to successfully represent anyone who was hurt on a bicycle as a result of someone else’s negligence.

At CaseyGerry, we understand the allure of biking. Many of us are avid cyclists. In fact, the managing partner of the firm rode his bicycle from San Diego to Maine. We know the benefits and risks. We also know how to thoroughly investigate a bicycle crash, which questions to ask, and how to get the answers that win our cases.

If you or a family member was injured in a cycling crash, reaching out to us immediately is crucial. Our bicycle injury attorneys will get to work gathering evidence that might be lost over time. The team will uncover and analyze every detail of the situation that led to your injuries. We take our role as your legal advocates very seriously.

Contact CaseyGerry today to schedule a confidential consultation. We can explain your legal rights and what you can expect.

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