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Bicycle Accident Cases

At CaseyGerry, our attorneys have been successfully representing injured bicycle riders for decades. Below are a few of the cases we have litigated and information about the negligence that led to our clients’ injuries.

SUV Collision in Crosswalk

In a La Jolla intersection governed by four-way flashing red lights, an SUV driver struck a woman riding a bicycle in a crosswalk. The collision caused the bicyclist to sustain fractures in her right leg.

Bike Lane Crash

A bicycle rider was waiting in a bike lane in an intersection. A woman in a motor vehicle next to him turned right as he did, cutting off his bicycle. The bike rider sustained physical injuries and emotional trauma that required hospitalization and other medical care.

Motorcycle Collides with Back of Bicycle

A man was riding his bicycle to work when a person on a motorcycle struck him from behind. The man flew from his bike and landed on top of it. As a result of the collision, the bicycle rider suffered a fracture in his spine.

Parking Lot Collision

A woman was riding her bicycle on Mission Bay Drive when the driver of a car pulled unsafely into a vacant parking space, violating the bike’s right-of-way and colliding with her.

Uneven Street Causes Crash

A physician filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and Pacific Bell Telephone Company after sustaining injuries on a street repaired unevenly.

SUV Improperly Overtakes Scooter

The driver of an SUV attempted to unsafely overtake a scooter in an intersection. The person in the SUV struck the woman on the scooter and ran over her leg, causing major fractures in her leg that required multiple surgeries. The victim’s deformity, scarring, and pain led her to suffer from depression, limited her daily activities, and caused premature arthritis.

Injuries from Illegally Towing a Skateboarder

A woman was driving in Santee, knowingly towing two boys riding skateboards. The driver made a right turn at an intersection and accelerated, throwing one of the boys to the street.

Debris in Road Causes Accident

A man riding his bicycle turned right in a bike lane. As he turned, his bicycle tire hit a large piece of lumber pinned under a concrete barrier extending across the bike path to the curb. The impact caused the man to fly off his bicycle and hit the asphalt road. He sustained fractures to his hip and several ribs. The injuries resulted in a blood clot in his leg, insomnia, a shortened left leg, and muscle weakness.

Debris in Road Causes Accident

The driver of a delivery truck broadsided a person on a bicycle, causing him to violently strike the cement and suffer debilitating fractures in his knee.


A bicycle rider sustained broken fingers as well as a broken arm and elbow and a separated right shoulder when the driver of a car suddenly opened her door in front of him. He tried to swerve to avoid the door but was too close and struck the door.

Unsafe Turn Causes T-Bone Crash

A man was riding his bike home from Mission Bay when a woman in a car turned right without checking the bike lane. She turned right in front of the man on the bicycle, causing him to collide with the passenger side of her vehicle. He rolled over her hood and fell to the ground. The bike rider sustained a fractured clavicle, abrasions to his knee, and shoulder pain.

SUV Crashes with Young Rider in Parking Lot

A man pulled his large SUV out of a parking lot without looking to his right. He drove into the path of a boy on a bicycle and collided with him. The 12-year-old boy sustained a broken leg and nerve damage, which required surgery and skin grafts.

Struck from Behind by an SUV

A graduate student was riding her bicycle home when she was struck from behind by a man in an SUV. The student sustained a concussion with loss of consciousness, a fracture in her arm, and facial injuries including a broken cheekbone. She also broke and lost teeth during the collision.

Driver Loses Control and Strikes Bicycle

A woman driving an SUV attempted to change lanes on a San Diego freeway when she saw a car beside her and overcorrected, losing control of the vehicle. A man was riding his bicycle behind a chain-link fence when the SUV overturned, rolled onto the embankment, and plowed through the fence. The woman’s vehicle struck the man on the bike, who sustained broken hips, broken ribs, and a broken arm.

Driver’s Unsafe Right Turn Causes Electric Bicycle Crash

A man was riding a motorized bicycle alongside his friend in La Jolla. The driver of a car passed the bikes, suddenly swung into a wide right turn, and crossed in front of him. The bike rider was unable to stop and slammed into the passenger side of the car. The man sustained a spleen laceration, abrasions, bruises to his chest wall and thigh, and multiple rib fractures.

Airport Shuttle Strikes Bicycle

The driver of an airport shuttle bus was speeding and failed to yield to three bicycles. He collided with one of the riders. The man on the bike sustained catastrophic injuries including partial paraplegia.

Getting Help

Our clients’ injuries vary greatly, but one fact is consistently true throughout these situations: someone else’s carelessness led to preventable bicycle injuries. If you or a family member was injured while riding a bicycle, call CaseyGerry to learn how our attorneys can help you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

California law limits the amount of time you have to protect your rights, so acting immediately is critical.

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