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Past Motorcycle Crash Cases

CaseyGerry has successfully represented many people who were injured in motorcycle crashes. Below are a few of our legal team’s past motorcycle crash cases. We are the best San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers.

Negligent Left-Turn Causes Collision

A woman in a passenger vehicle made a left turn into the path of a motorcyclist, colliding with him. The man was thrown from his motorcycle and sustained a collapsed left lung, which required a chest tube. He also suffered multiple fractures, a dislocated thumb, and a partially degloved foot.

Intoxicated Driver Strikes and Kills Motorcyclist

The driver of a pickup truck was under the influence of prescription medication, which she was knowingly abusing. She illegally drove into an intersection directly into the path of a motorcycle. The motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries and succumbed to those injuries. CaseyGerry successfully represented the family of the motorcyclist in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Drunk Driver Pins Motorcyclist

A man under the influence of alcohol left his shift as a bartender. He attempted to drive into an alley behind a hotel, coming directly into the oncoming path of a motorcyclist. Although the man on the motorcycle tried to stop to avoid the collision, he struck the vehicle, which pinned his right leg between the motorcycle and the car. The motorcyclist suffered severe trauma to his leg that required amputation.

Speeding Motorcycle Strikes Pedestrian

CaseyGerry’s client was struck by a motorcycle ridden by an uninsured motorist. The motorcyclist was speeding and failed to stop at a red light. He collided with a taxi cab and fell onto the road. His motorcycle continued moving forward and hurled into a crowd of pedestrians. It struck CaseyGerry’s client, causing her to hit her head and lose consciousness. The woman sustained a concussion, post-concussive syndrome, vertigo, left shoulder pain, head trauma, and lacerations.

Unsafe Lane Change Causes Collision

A man made an unsafe lane change and caused a collision with a woman riding a motorcycle. The motorcyclist, CaseyGerry’s client, sustained severe injuries that led to lifelong disability.

Negligent Border Patrol Agent Collides with Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist sustained severe injuries due to a serious collision with an on-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent. His injuries resulted in a leg amputation. The government had denied responsibility for the motorcyclist’s injuries. Based on the evidence, the judge determined that the agent was a major cause of the collision, as he was operating his vehicle at a speed too fast for the conditions and failed to yield the right-of-way.

Abandoned Border Patrol Vehicle Causes Accident

A U.S. Border Patrol agent unnecessarily left his vehicle on the roadway, blocking traffic. As a result, two motorcyclists collided with one another. CaseyGerry’s client sustained a concussion as well as fractures in his neck, leg, and clavicle. He also suffers from severe emotional and psychological disabilities including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety.

Car Makes Illegal U-Turn and Strikes Vespa

A woman was riding a Vespa when she was hit by a car doing an illegal U-turn. She sustained catastrophic injuries.

Unsafe Turn Leads to Collision with Motorcycle

A man driving a passenger vehicle made an unsafe turn from eastbound to westbound. He drove directly in front of a motorcyclist and collided with him. CaseyGerry’s client was ejected from his motorcycle and landed hard on the asphalt of the road. As a result, he sustained catastrophic injuries.

Motorcyclist Strikes Bicycle

A bicyclist was hit from behind by a motorcycle. The collision caused the man on the bike to sustain fractures in his back.

Postal Vehicle Makes Illegal U-Turn

As a motorcyclist was passing an intersection, the driver of a postal vehicle pulled from a stopped position on the far-right side of the road and began to make a U-turn direction in front of the motorcycle. CaseyGerry’s client was unable to stop his motorcycle and collided with the left side of the vehicle. The motorcyclist sustained severe and permanent injuries to his brain, back, hip, leg, arm and pelvis. He also continues to suffer from emotional distress.

Car Cuts Off Motorcycle in Intersection

While our client’s situations differ, one fact remains the same for each. Someone else’s negligence led them to sustain severe, debilitating, and sometimes fatal injuries.

If you or a family member was harmed in a crash, we can help. Our experienced attorneys have a track record of motorcycle crash cases. We can explain the next steps and what you can expect in seeking compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. You can reach CaseyGerry at 619-238-1811 or by filling out the online form.

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