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Burn Injury Cases

A Sample of CaseyGerry’s Past Burn Injury Cases

CaseyGerry has been successfully representing injured people for the better part of a century. Below are some of the firm’s past burn injury cases.

Scalding Water at a Pool Club

A pool club in San Diego placed a three-foot-high water dispenser at its pool so members and their guests, including children, could serve themselves water. However, instead of dispensing cold drinking water, the dispenser poured scalding water. There was no child safety lock, hot water safety guard, or warnings and instructions. An eight-year-old girl got out of the pool and attempted to pour water from the dispenser; it was so hot that it melted her cup and spilled down the front her body, burning her skin and melting it to her shirt. She required extensive treatments to treat second- and third-degree burns across her neck and chest.

Hot Tea Burns at a Restaurant

At a restaurant in California, an employee served a woman a large cup of scalding hot tea, which she placed down on an unsteady table. The tea spilled and severely burned the woman.

Hidden Fires at a Popular Sledding Location

A man was sledding down a popular snowy hillside in South Lake Tahoe, CA. He put both feet out to stop his sled, and he immediately felt extreme heat and intense pain. He had unknowingly stopped his sled on top of one of many hidden piles of debris that were left smoldering from fires that had been buried under the snowfall. The man’s shoes, sock, leg and sled caught on fire. He suffered severe second-degree burns to his back, buttocks, legs and feet as well as nerve damage and severe emotional distress.

Beverage Burns Aboard a Plane

A regional airline lacked appropriate policies and procedures for inflight hot beverage service. During a flight to San Diego, a flight attendant served a child hot tea from a carafe in a cup with no lid or protective sleeve. The cup overturned on the girl’s tray table, pouring the scalding water onto her lap, soaking her pants, and burning her skin. She suffered second-degree burns to her thigh, which required hospitalization and a grafting procedure.

Chemical Burns at School

During a smoke bomb demonstration at a San Diego school, a student was instructed by his teacher to mix a chemical solution in a glass beaker that was heating on a stove top burner. The beaker exploded and caught fire, causing the student to suffer hot chemical burns.

Getting Specialized Help

Each of our clients’ injuries vary, but one fact is consistent: someone else’s careless action led to a preventable burn injury. If you or a family member was burned as a result of another person’s negligence, call CaseyGerry to learn how our attorneys can help you.

California law limits the time you have to protect your rights, so acting immediately is critical. You can reach our firm at (619) 238-1811 or by filling out our online form.

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