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Past Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Cases

Below are a few cases in which our clients developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after sustaining a preventable injury.

Broken Cable Vault Lid on Public Walkway

CaseyGerry’s client was walking on the sidewalk and fell as a result of a broken cable vault lid. The owners of the vault lid and sidewalk had failed to repair the cable, leaving an unsafe walkway for pedestrians. The woman’s fall caused her to develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Grocery Store Negligence

A display at a grocery store was stocked with beer cans and bottles in paperboard containers. The beer was covering the air return grills in the HVAC system, disrupting the cold air curtain and causing condensation to build on the shelf. When CaseyGerry’s client reached for an item, the wet paperboard failed allowing bottles to fall. The bottles crushed the man’s foot. His injury resulted in deep peroneal neuritis and entrapment of several nerves, leading him to suffer from CRPS.

Unsafe Gardening Establishment

While visiting a rustic garden center in San Diego County, CaseyGerry’s client fell as a result of loose gravel on a slope, causing a hazardous condition. The woman’s fall caused a sprain, which led her to develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Fall in Dark Stairwell

CaseyGerry’s client was descending the dark stairwell of an apartment complex when her foot suddenly twisted and snapped. She fell forward and landed on her hands and knees. Her ankle fractured in three places. Her continued pain, lack of range of motion, and weakness led to a diagnosis of CRPS.

Poorly Maintained Pool Deck

CaseyGerry’s client was walking at a pool complex while carrying a 12-month-old baby. The woman stepped onto an area where large patches of the pool deck’s non-slip surface had worn away. Her foot suddenly slipped on the surface and sent her crashing to the cement with the baby in her arms. The ankle sprain that resulted rapidly developed into CRPS within three months of the incident.

Automobile Accident

While waiting at a red light in his car, CaseyGerry’s client was struck from behind by a semi-truck towing two trailers. His seatback failed and collapsed backward, and he struggled to unlatch his seatbelt and escape. Several years and six hand surgeries later, the man suffers from CRPS including hypersensitivity and extreme pain. He also suffers from PTSD and depressive disorder stemming from the crash, which has interfered with his treatment.

Getting Legal Help

Our clients’ injuries vary substantially in each of these cases. However, one fact is consistently true: someone else’s carelessness led to their injuries. If you developed CRPS after a medical error, auto accident, or other personal injury, CaseyGerry can protect your rights. California law limits the amount of time you have to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages, so acting immediately is critical.

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