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Past Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Below are a few cases that the San Diego spinal cord injury lawyers at CaseyGerry successfully resolved for people suffering from spinal cord injuries. These narratives are for informational purposes only. Please rely on your own attorney to determine what you may expect in your unique case.

A Dangerous Vehicle Tour

A man was drinking alcohol while giving a friend a tour of his mountainous property in a motor vehicle. He attempted a three-point turn at the top of a mountain. Instead of moving forward, the vehicle tilted and plummeted off the edge of the road, rolling more than 100 feet down the steep hillside ravine. CaseyGerry’s clients, a couple and their daughter, were ejected from the vehicle and sustained catastrophic injuries including a spinal cord injury.

Race Car Crash on Residential Street

A man took his friend for a ride in a car, going freeway speed on a residential street. The ride ended with a crash that left the friend a quadriplegic.

Postal Truck Hit a Pedestrian

A postal worker driving his truck veered around a pickup truck making a right turn. He collided with our client who was a pedestrian crossing the road. The pedestrian’s head smashed into the windshield before he was thrown 26 feet into a parked car and onto the street. Our client sustained a head injury with loss of consciousness and brain bleed, a collapsed lung, a severely broken leg, compression vertebrae fractures, and other severe injuries. The accident also led to vertigo, memory loss, and post-traumatic amnesia.

Three-Vehicle Collision

A motorist drove into the rear of a van and propelled it into our client’s vehicle stopped at a traffic signal. The motorist accelerated after the impact, continuing to push the vehicle and causing additional injuries. Our client suffers from chronic cervical spasms, debilitating lower back pain and shoulder pain, and other severe injuries.

Police Officer Crash

A negligent San Diego police officer caused an automobile crash. The 35-year-old female victim, CaseyGerry’s client, suffered from serious brain damage and quadriplegia. She now requires 24-hour care.

Unsecured Beam in a Crawl Space

A cable carrier employee was installing telephone cable when he stepped onto an unsecured board laying across the beams. As he stepped onto the board, it shifted and he was forced to turn quickly and grab another bean to prevent himself from falling. As a result of the move, the man sustained injuries to his neck and upper shoulder.

Hazardous Oil Spill Aboard an Aircraft

An airplane maintenance worker was instructed to service a jet engine in the tail of an aircraft. An oil spill created a safety hazard, which the airworthiness director failed to address. When pulling the door closed, our client slipped and fell to the ground, sustaining a spinal cord injury.

Grease Trap on Hotel Floor

CaseyGerry’s client was a guest at a hotel, on her way back to her room late at night. She slipped and fell in the hallway due to grease in the hallway, which came from a clogged drain in a restaurant a floor above.

SUV Rollover

A driver turned left to exit a highway shoulder when his SUV rolled onto the passenger side. The door opened due to a defect in the design of the door system, resulting in the passenger being partially ejected. She suffered a spinal cord injury that rendered her a paraplegic.

Intersection Crash

A cell phone service provider’s employee was driving to a service call when she blew through a stop sign and struck our client’s vehicle. His vehicle was thrown from the roadway and landed into an open field. The airbag deployed and our client was violently thrown across the vehicle as it plummeted off the intersection and down an embankment. He suffered a spinal cord injury that rendered him a quadriplegic.

Lack of Fencing on Highway

Our client became one of several victims of a dangerous road that badly needed fencing. He was driving to work as a U.S. Border Patrol Supervisor when he hit a cow that was obstructing his lane of travel. The cow crushed the roof of his car. Our client sustained a spinal cord injury that rendered him a quadriplegic.

Stage Lift Malfunction

An actor was entering a hydraulic stage lift, as he had many times, when it malfunctioned. Just as he put on foot in the stage lift, it quickly began moving up with the door open. With one foot and his body partially inside the lift, his body became trapped by the upper door frame, crushing his back and rendering him a permanent paraplegic.

Pedestrian Crash in Parking Lot

A vehicle struck CaseyGerry’s client while she was walking in a hospital parking lot. Her body was launched into their air and came crashing into the side of a parked truck. She sustained a closed head injury, fractures to her vertebrae, ankle, and shoulder, a chipped tooth, blood loss, and more.

Negligently Placed Clothing Rack

At a department store, a woman tripped and fell over an empty clothing rack negligently left out and positioned to block the path to the dressing rooms. The woman sustained bruising and abrasions on her knee and developed lower back, pelvic, and sacroiliac joint pain.

Negligence Piloting a Glider

Our client was a tow pilot towing a glider. The glider pilot failed to control the aircraft, which eventually caused the tow aircraft’s nose to pitch downward and, at full power only 200 feet from the ground, it crashed into an open space. Our client sustained a crushed vertebra with back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Bike Lane Crash

A woman in a sedan entered a bike lane and struck a bicyclist, who was ejected from the bike. His head violently struck the vehicle and the asphalt many times. In addition to a spinal cord injury, the bicyclist suffered broken bones, lung injuries, spleen and liver lacerations, and many other injuries.

Getting Help

Our clients’ injuries vary greatly, but one fact is true in each of these situations: someone else’s carelessness led to a preventable spinal cord injury. If it happened to you or a family member, call CaseyGerry to learn how our attorneys can help you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. California law limits the amount of time you have to protect your rights, so acting immediately is critical.

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