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Some of Our California Car Crash Injury Cases

For more than 70 years, CaseyGerry has been protecting the rights of injured people. Below are a few California car crash injury cases that we have litigated and the negligence that led to them.

Driver Travels the Wrong Way

An unlicensed cable installer crossed the center median and drove the wrong way on a highway. He crashed head-on into a woman and her mother on their way to Sea World. The mother died instantly. Emergency responders ordered a life flight service, but tragically, the daughter was soon pronounced dead.

Man Runs Over Woman in Crosswalk

A man violated several California driving laws and ran over a pedestrian who was lawfully crossing the street in a crosswalk. The victim sustained multiple devastating injuries including traumatic brain injury and back and leg fractures. She required several surgeries including one to implant a rod in her leg and another to remove it.

Repeat Offender Fraudulently Drives Car, Kills a Man

The father of a repeat drunk driver negligently gave his son access to his vehicle. After multiple DUIs, arrests and a hit-and-run, the son struck and killed the father of four children.

Woman Suffers from Occipital Neuralgia After Crash

An automobile accident leaves a victim with occipital neuralgia, an extremely painful recurring headache that involves piercing pain in the back of the head that can radiate to the neck and face.

Man Loses Control of Car, Causes Crash

A man drifted to the right of his lane and overcorrected to the left on I-15. He fishtailed and lost control across multiple lanes, coming to a stop perpendicular to oncoming traffic. A woman struck his car. She sustained shoulder, neck and back injuries that will likely be permanent.

Car Slams into Woman’s Vehicle

A woman was driving on Pacific Mesa Boulevard when a car slammed into the left rear side of her vehicle. As a result, the victim sustained disabling injuries that required extensive medical care.

SUV Makes Unsafe Left Turn

The driver of a large SUV made an unsafe left turn on Mission Avenue and struck a small car head-on and at the left side of the vehicle.

Drunk Driver Causes Collision

While under the influence of alcohol, a man failed to notice the carpool lane to his left. He turned abruptly and directly in front of another car in that lane and collided with it. As a result of the crash, the victim suffered four seizures even before getting to the hospital. In addition to a severe head injury involving a skull fracture, he suffered four fractured ribs and a bruised left hip.

Police Officer Causes Crash

A negligent San Diego police officer caused an automobile crash. The 35-year-old female victim, CaseyGerry’s client, suffered from serious brain damage and quadriplegia. She now requires 24-hour care.

Man Causes Three-Vehicle Collision

A man drove into the rear of a van, propelling it into the rear of another vehicle that was stopped at a traffic signal. The van continued to push the plaintiff’s vehicle, causing more injuries after the initial impact. CaseyGerry’s client suffered from chronic back spasms and pain in her back, shoulder, knee and head. She now also suffers from anxiety while driving.

Woman Kills One, Injures One

A woman was traveling on I-5 with her son when she noticed her vehicle began to malfunction. She legally pulled over to the shoulder, and the two began to exit the vehicle. A woman in another vehicle struck the parked car from behind at about 65 mph. The mother and son were thrown into the air. Both were taken to the hospital, but the mother soon died of multiple blunt force injuries. Her son sustained injuries on top of the emotional anguish of losing his mother.

Man Speeding in Sports Car Dies, Injures Friend

A man driving with his friend in a sports car was traveling in excess of 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. When taking a turn, he lost control of his vehicle, went over the center divider, and struck a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. The driver was killed, and the passenger, CaseyGerry’s client, suffered a severe head injury.

Dangerous Road Conditions on I-15 Leads to Crash

Traffic on I-15 began to brake hard and move violently to the left and right as a result of traffic cones marking construction. Several vehicles were unable to respond safely to the sudden slowing and bottlenecking traffic. The result was a multiple chain reaction of rear-end collisions. There was no advance warning of the lane closures. CaseyGerry’s client had to be extricated from the vehicle she occupied. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that has affected her ability to think and function as well as she once did.

Loose Tire Causes Crash and Injuries

CaseyGerry’s client was driving in El Cajon when a large tire rolled into her lane and struck the front of her vehicle. She lost control, and her vehicle rolled. The woman sustained a major head injury in the crash that required plastic surgery. She also suffered from severe migraines with nausea, slow speech and difficulty concentrating.

Rear-End Crash Injures Man

A man was driving his vehicle with his left arm extended to the steering wheel. He was rear-ended multiple times. As a result, he sustained injuries to his left shoulder that caused permanent range of motion loss and weakness.

Distracted Driver Injures Another

A woman was looking down while driving. When she looked up, she could not stop in time and rear-ended another driver, CaseyGerry’s client. The victim suffered two cracked teeth, a concussion, a cervical sprain, and painful, chronic headaches.

Drunk Driver Kills Two, Injures Two

An intoxicated man leaving a bar moved into the southbound lane of State Route 163 while driving northbound. He struck a woman’s car head-on, killing the driver and another passenger and injuring two other passengers.

Rear-End Crash Causes Severe Concussion

A rear-end collision caused CaseyGerry’s client to suffer from severe whiplash, which led to unbearable pain in her neck and back. She soon began to also experience more concussion symptoms including blurry vision, memory loss, and confusion. Her neck and back pain worsened and required intensive treatment.

Rollover Crash Injures One

CaseyGerry’s client was stopped legally at a red light in Carlsbad. A vehicle slammed into his rear, causing his car to roll over and onto the embankment of the road. As a result, the victim sustained disabling injuries.

Vehicle Strikes Pedestrian in Parking Lot

A vehicle struck CaseyGerry’s client while she was walking in a hospital parking lot. Her body was launched into their air and came crashing into the side of a parked truck. She sustained a closed head injury, fractures to her vertebrae, ankle and shoulder, a chipped tooth, blood loss, and more.

Parking Garage Accident Injures Passenger

A man caused his vehicle to crash into an iron gate and two concrete pillars in a parking garage. As a result, his in-home caregiver, who was a passenger at the time, sustained a concussion and multiple sprain and injuries throughout his body. He was unable to put his seatbelt on in time before the impact, which allowed him to be thrown around the inside of the car during each impact.

Taxi Driver Causes Crash

A taxi slammed into another vehicle on a highway. One of the victims sustained injuries when her head and upper torso snapped backward and forward and her calf struck the seat bar. She continues to suffer from headaches, spasms and painful strain injuries to her neck and back.

Getting Help

Each of our clients’ injuries vary, but one fact is consistently true: someone else’s carelessness led to preventable injuries. If you or a family member was injured on the road, call CaseyGerry to learn how our attorneys can help you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. California’s statute of limitations dictates the amount of time you have to protect your rights, so acting immediately is critical.

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