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Who’s at Fault In a Pile Up: How to Determine Fault

In the aftermath of a pile-up accident, the insurers determine fault in an investigation. In most cases, the driver who initiated the first impact is at fault, but other drivers or even state agencies may share liability as well. The accident should also be investigated by your San Diego personal injury lawyer, who represents your interests. Because of the inherent complexity of these types of accidents, you need a proactive and knowledgeable attorney to advocate for your rights.

At CaseyGerry, established in 1947, we are the most experienced plaintiff’s law firm in San Diego. We have earned a national reputation for our expertise in civil litigation and complicated personal injury cases. If you’ve been hurt in a pile-up accident, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our clients rely on us as skilled attorneys, confidants, and counselors.

Why Do Pile Ups Happen?

A pile-up is essentially a chain-reaction accident involving multiple rear-end collisions. The driver at the front of the pile-up might be negligent because they stopped too suddenly. Another driver could be found negligent because they drove while texting and failed to brake in time.

Multi-car accidents often occur because of a change in visibility. Fog, heavy rain, snow, and sleet are often significant contributing factors. In addition, passing a truck on the highway can also be hazardous. In bad weather, a truck can jackknife, blocking the road and leading to a pile-up of fast-moving cars unable to stop in time. Accidents involving trucks require special investigative skills. Consulting a San Diego truck accident lawyer is crucial in gathering the necessary evidence.

What Happens After A Pile-up Accident?

Pile-up accidents are different from typical vehicular accidents because they involve:

  • Multiple drivers
  • Disputes over responsibility
  • A complicated accident scene
  • Multiple insurance companies

The complexity makes settling with insurers more difficult. California is a pure comparative fault state. Therefore, insurers and the courts look at each driver’s degree of fault in a pile-up accident to determine compensation for damages and losses.

How CaseyGerry Can Help: Contact Us for a Free Case Evaluation

At CaseyGerry, a San Diego car accident lawyer could investigate your accident and advocate for your maximum recovery by establishing the full amount of your damages and your lack of fault. After the trauma of a pile-up accident, dealing with insurers and multiple parties just adds to your burden.

While the challenges may seem overwhelming, we handle complex litigation every day. Caring for our clients and their cases has been–and always will be–our firm’s number one priority. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. In addition, we work on a contingency basis, so there are no upfront legal fees.

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