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Past Dog Bite Cases at CaseyGerry

CaseyGerry has been successfully representing injured people for more than 70 years. Below are a few of our cases involving people who were bitten or attacked by a dog. CaseyGerry’s clients prevailed in these lawsuits, obtaining justice and compensation for their losses.

Dog Mauls Senior Citizen in Her Yard

A senior citizen was standing in her yard when she was knocked to the ground and mauled by a neighbor’s pit bull. The fall caused her to also hit her head on the pavement, lose consciousness, and suffer a brain injury. Despite the lack of an actual bite to trigger strict liability, CaseyGerry was able to establish negligence of the dog owner for the attack, uncover previous aggressive behavior, and obtain a complete financial recovery.

Dog Bites Woman and Her Dog on a Walk

A woman was walking her two small dogs when a large dog vaulted over a fence, ran to her, and bit her and her dog. The owner ordered the dog inside and left without addressing the attack or speaking to the victim.

Woman Dies of Heart Attack After Dog Attack

A neighborhood dog broke through a joint fence and attacked the elderly victim and her dog. Responding paramedics found the women deceased with multiple dog bites. CaseyGerry contended the attack caused the woman to suffer a heart attack and die. CaseyGerry was able to discover previous aggressive behavior by the dog which caused the owner to settle the case, despite the difficulty of proving that the bites caused the heart attack and resultant death. 

Dog Attacks Small Child at Restaurant

At a restaurant, a 20-month-old child was attacked by a Labrador retriever and bitten multiple times in the face.

Bulldog Attacks Other Dogs and then Child

An English bulldog became agitated while walking, so her owner removed her leash. The dog then ran after and attacked a small dog walking with its owner nearby. The owner still chose not to restrain the bulldog, which then attacked a neighbor’s child in their apartment foyer, repeatedly biting his face. The child suffered severe facial tissue and muscle damage as a result of the attack.

German Shepherd Attacks Avid Runner

A German shepherd escaped its yard when a pool service company left the gate unlatched. The dog chased a runner, knocked her down, and attacked her. CaseyGerry was able to establish that the owner knew, or should have known, that the gate was improperly latched. The legal team recovered full damages for the client from the dog owner’s insurance policy.

Man Attacked by Dog in Car

A man was walking in a parking lot to go into a restaurant. As he passed a car, a dog lunged its head out of the window and bit him on the arm. He suffered serious injuries and, also as a result of the attack, developed anxiety attacks in the presence of dogs. The owner claimed the man had teased the dog. CaseyGerry was able to show that he had been simply walking by the car and was unaware of the dog’s presence.

Terrier Attacks Child in Home

A four-year-old child was visiting her aunt’s house when her aunt’s dog attacked her. The terrier bit her in the face, causing serious cuts, punctures, and tissue damage that required surgeries to treat. The case raised sensitive issues because the claim was against the dog owner, who was a close family relative of the victim. CaseyGerry was able to obtain a complete recovery without jeopardizing the family relationship.

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