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Frequently Asked Questions About Boating Accidents

Below are questions people often ask us after sustaining injuries on California waterways. These answers are for informational purposes only. SOMETIMES, EXCEPTIONS APPLY. RELY ON YOUR OWN ATTORNEY FOR DETERMINING WHETHER AN EXCEPTION APPLIES TO YOUR CASE. Only by consulting an experienced maritime attorney can you be sure your rights are fully protected.

From whom might I obtain compensation for my boating accident injuries?

The unique facts of your case will tell your lawyer who the defendants might be in your case. Depending on how and why your injuries happened, you may be able to hold the following parties (and/or others) responsible:

  • The operator of the boat if he or she acted negligently, and those actions led to the boating accident and injuries,
  • Passengers whose negligence led to the injuries,
  • The boat owner, and/or
  • A manufacturer of the boat or a part if a defect caused the accident and injuries.

Our boat accident legal team has two full-time investigators on staff. When a client retains our firm, these investigators get to work right away to determine why the incident happened and who is at fault. You can reach our firm by calling (619) 238-1811.

Is there a statute of limitations for my boating injury claim in California?

How long you have to file a maritime injury lawsuit depends on the unique facts of your case, including where exactly the incident took place. It’s important to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to avoid being barred from seeking compensation for your injuries.

How soon should I contact an experienced boat injury lawyer?

After sustaining injuries in a boating accident, getting proper medical attention is the first priority. Once you have received all necessary immediate care, contact a law firm with extensive maritime law experience. CaseyGerry has two full-time investigators who get to work right away on our watercraft accident cases.

There are several reasons to contact an experienced boating accident attorney as soon as possible. For one, there is a better chance of preserving evidence to show what happened and who is at fault. California and various applicable federal statutes limit the amount of time you have to file a maritime injury lawsuit. Delaying action could prevent you from seeking compensation for your medical bills and other related expenses. The sooner you contact a knowledgeable attorney, the better your chances of protecting your rights.

Another person’s actions caused my boating injuries. However, we didn’t actually collide with one another. Can I still hold that person responsible?

If someone forced you to take an evasive maneuver on the water and you were seriously hurt as a result, you can pursue a claim against them if you can show they are at fault.

Should I talk to an insurance adjuster before consulting a boating injury attorney?

It’s an insurance adjuster’s job to minimize payouts on injury claims. Consult with a maritime injury attorney before speaking with any insurance adjusters. Your lawyer will handle communication with the insurance company to avoid a misunderstanding being used against you. If you were injured, we welcome you to call our firm at (619) 238-1811 for assistance.

My family member drowned in a boating accident caused by someone’s carelessness. Can I sue?

When someone dies as a result of another person’s negligence, his or her family may file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation for funeral expenses, loss of care, comfort, society, and more. Feel free to contact CaseyGerry for more information.

If you were injured, our boating accident frequently asked questions are just the beginning to understanding your legal rights. Moving forward with a legal action requires the skill and knowledge of an experienced legal team. Contact our maritime injury lawyers at (619) 238-1811 to get started.

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