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What To Do After A Truck Accident

After a truck accident, the shock and adrenaline that follows can overwhelm you. Here is what to do to stay safe and protect your legal rights.

1. Move to Safety

Other motorists may not have enough time to react to the collision and to avoid it. If possible, move your vehicle and yourself out of the way of traffic. Getting to safety can help ensure the crash does not create a bigger problem.

2. Call for Help

Contact the police right away if you are able. Once on the scene, the police will document the details of the crash in a report. If you and/or someone else is injured, call for an ambulance. If you are too hurt to call, ask someone to call 9-1-1.

While you wait for help (and any time thereafter), do not apologize for the crash or admit fault. There may have been events before the crash that you did not see. Apologizing or admitting wrongdoing could impact your ability to seek compensation for your medical bills – even if someone else’s negligence caused the accident.

3. Get Medical Attention

Seek medical help after a truck accident. Even if you do not have obvious injuries, it’s important to undergo a full exam and have your visit documented. The shock of the situation may cover up your pain. Certain injuries may take a few days to be noticeable. After that time, the pain could be debilitating. A health care professional will check for injuries and provide appropriate treatment.

4. Speak with an Experienced San Diego Truck Accident Attorney

Make no mistake; trucking companies frequently have experts and lawyers on call to act immediately after a crash. They know that by acting quickly, they may be able to minimize the insurance company’s exposure and responsibility to pay for your damages.  The company or its insurance providers might even contact you about signing documents related to the crash. They work to protect their own interests, which could mean preventing you from getting proper compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. An experienced truck injury attorney will help protect your legal rights.

If you sustained injuries because of someone’s negligence on the road, our law firm can help. With a 70-year track record of legal success, we know how to put our clients’ interests at the forefront and prove their case. CaseyGerry has two full-time investigators to quickly gather evidence and protect your case.

No one ever expects to be in a crash, especially with a truck. Your injuries could impact your life for a very long time — maybe even for your lifetime. Our San Diego firm can help you through this traumatic time. Feel free to contact us at (619) 238-1811 for a confidential consultation. California restricts the amount of time an injured person may file a truck injury lawsuit, so it’s important to act immediately.

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