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Discretionary Function Immunity

The Discretionary Function Exception to Liability Under The Federal Tort Claims Act (Reprinted with permission from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, Trial Bar News)   Jeremy K. Robinson – Chair of CaseyGerry’s Motion and Appellate Practice In the past, I have written about some of the immunities given to state and local governmental entities under the Government Claims Act.

Generic Drugs and the New Normal in Pharma Litigation

April 30, 2012 Attorney Articles

Daily Journal — Patricia Zlaket

Patricia Zlaket from CaseyGerry on Vimeo.

Last year was especially tough for plaintiffs/consumers in the world of pharmaceutical litigation.

The United States Supreme Court decision in PLIVA, Inc.,

Trial Lawyers Care: The Most Ambitious Pro Bono Program in the History of American Jurisprudence

Daily Journal – David S. Casey, Jr.

It is hard to grasp that we are nearing the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Images of that horrible day, when thousands of innocent victims died in the first foreign attacks on U.S.

The Pros of Pro Bono: Why Legal Professionals Can and Should Give Back

March 19, 2011 Attorney Articles

Daily Journal – Jessica Klarer Pride

The sluggish economy has been good and bad for the legal profession. The downside is obvious: a surge in layoffs, fewer billable hours and overall workplace malaise.

A Legal Look at a Strange Case that Altered American History

Daily Journal — Thomas D. Penfield

Because of the increasing threat of terrorism, the Supreme Court is revisiting Civil War and WWII era cases.

This renewed interest in historical cases will surely resurrect the saga of Dr.

Criminal Restitution and Civil Judgement for the Same Conduct: Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?

Trial Bar News – Jeremy K. Robinson

This month I wanted to discuss an interesting issue that may arise when a plaintiff is pursuing a case against a defendant who already has been criminally prosecuted for the harm that forms the predicate for the civil action. 

Former Prisoner of War Serves the Troops

Daily Journal – Thomas D. Penfield

Carlsbad resident Lester Tenney is determined.

At 89-years-old, the old soldier slogs on, collecting small goods and items for our soldiers and sailors serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in a program he calls <I>Care Packages from Home.<I> 

Elder Abuse Law Update

Trial Bar News – Jeremy K. Robinson

This month I wanted to touch on the area of elder abuse law, as it is a growing area of tort law and also one plagued by a fair amount of uncertainty given its relatively recent genesis.