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Fatal Riverside Plane Crash: Cessna C550 Tragedy at French Valley – CaseyGerry Aviation Lawyers

CaseyGerry is saddened to report yet another fatal crash that occurred in or near the French Valley Airport in Murrieta, California.

The crash occurred on the morning of Saturday, July 8, when a Cessna C550 flying in from Las Vegas, NV crashed while attempting to land in the Riverside airport.

Boeing 737 Max 8 Planes Crashed

Why did Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash? Was it a pilot error or a problem with the newly designed Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft?

The Boeing 737 Max 8

The Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft is the fourth iteration of the company’s 737 fleet.

Airplane Safety Tips

April 16, 2018 Aviation Blog

Whether you are flying in a small single engine plane or a 747, a safe, smooth flight is everyone’s priority. While most airplanes are safe, you can make your flight even safer by following these guidelines:

Pay attention to the flight attendant safety briefing at the beginning of your flight and read the safety briefing card.

Steps to Take Following an Airplane Crash

March 23, 2018 Aviation Blog

If you or a loved one have been involved in an aircraft crash, you may be asking, “what do I do now?”

Seek immediate assistance from qualified medical professionals to address any physical or emotional injuries you may be experiencing; Do not accept any settlement offer from an airline or other responsible party, or their insurance company, until you speak with an attorney with experience in aviation litigation; Keep records of all related expenses that you incur, including any medical expenses; Contact an attorney with aviation litigation experience as soon as possible, as statutes of limitation and other legal restrictions limit the amount of time after an incident you have to make a claim.

Common Causes of Airplane Crashes

March 23, 2018 Aviation Blog

Although relatively rare, aircraft crashes can involve catastrophic injuries and death when they occur.

Engine or component failure

Problems with aircraft engines and component parts are among the most common causes of aircraft crashes.

Human Error and Mechanical Failure as Causes of Aviation Crashes

March 23, 2018 Aviation Blog,Blog

Despite aviation being a highly regulated industry, human errors and mechanical failures still contribute to crashes.

The FAA oversees much of the aviation manufacturing and servicing industry, including approving companies for many of the methods used in designing and manufacturing parts, ongoing review of design, facilities, processes and quality control.

Following an Airplane Crash, the NTSB is on the Scene

March 21, 2018 Aviation Blog,Blog

When a civilian aircraft is involved in a crash, the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, investigates. Their “Go Team” and regional investigators are on scene as quickly as possible, fulfilling their charge of investigating the causes and safety issues which may have led to the crash.

Airline Rules: What to Know Before Taking Off

I was recently on a Southwest commercial flight when the flight attendant began his pre-flight safety speech. I was expecting the usual sterile seat belt information, exits may be behind you, etc.