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CaseyGerry Partners Recognized as 2024 Super Lawyers Top 10, Top 50 and 25 Top Women 

April 18, 2024 Awards,Blog

For over 76 years, CaseyGerry has strived to follow a legacy of leadership, not as a barometer for our reputation in the legal community but as a measure of success in serving our clients.

Sticky Steering on Honda HR-V model

Sticky Steering Wheel Defect in Honda HR-V Models (2023-2024)

April 18, 2024 Blog,Class Action

The law firm CaseyGerry is investigating the Sticky Steering defect in Honda HR-V models, a malfunction that causes a momentary increase in steering effort, especially when operating at high speeds. In addition, HR-V owners discussing the issue on the HR-V Reddit forums report that the problem appears to occur frequently in cold weather when driving in rain or snowy conditions, further increasing the danger of collision or loss of control.

CaseyGerry Celebrates the Associates of the Firm

April 17, 2024 Attorneys,Blog

CaseyGerry has held onto the long-standing tradition of fighting for justice with tenacity and integrity for those who have suffered due to the actions of others. The Associate Attorneys of CaseyGerry embody this philosophy, tackling high case loads while applying optimal dedication and passion to each case. 

CaseyGerry Attorneys Honored with Forbes Advisor Best Personal Injury Lawyers

April 17, 2024 Awards,Blog

Three CaseyGerry lawyers have been recognized as some of Forbes Advisor’s Best Personal Injury Lawyers for 2024. 

Managing Partner David S. Casey, Jr., Partner and leading trial lawyer Robert J. Francavilla, and Of Counsel Thomas D.

2024 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers

April 17, 2024 Awards,Blog

We are thrilled to announce that four CaseyGerry attorneys have been included in the Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers list. 

Managing Partner David S. Casey, Jr. has been recognized for this incredible work, garnering more than 100 accolades throughout his illustrious career.

Presenting The CaseyGerry Law Foundation: Empowering Justice, Enriching Communities

April 17, 2024 Blog,Community Involvement

The law firm of CaseyGerry is honored to announce the launch of the CaseyGerry Law Foundation. Since 1947, our firm has been an integral part of the community. As the oldest plaintiff law firm in San Diego, we witnessed pivotal moments in the history of our city, growing as the city evolved, and standing true to the right for all to seek justice. 

How can Primary Assumption of the Risk apply when there are multiple Defendants, with one Defendant acting intentionally to hurt Plaintiff? Nigel B. v. Burbank Unified School District

March 4, 2024 Blog,Eric Ganci

By Eric Ganci

In California, we have types of primary assumption of the risk: Primary and Secondary.  

I’ll deal with Secondary Assumption of the Risk first, which is when Defendant still owes a duty of care, but Plaintiff knowingly encounters the risks attendant on Defendant’s breach of duty. 

re Privette and exceptions, Gonzalez v. Mathis, Blalock v. DMP 250 Newport Center, LLC

February 13, 2024 Blog,Eric Ganci

By Eric Ganci

Can a landowner be liable for a dangerous condition on her property, if she hires an independent contractor and one of those workers is injured on the landowner’s property?