Honda Sticky Power Steering Class Action Investigation

March 28, 2023 Blog,Class Action

CaseyGerry is investigating claims against car manufacturer American Honda Motor Co. (Honda) for failing to address an alleged defect with their steering system that makes steering difficult and potentially dangerous when the car is traveling at high rate of speed on the highway.

Frederick Schenk Appointed to Steering Committee for Social Media JCCP MDL

CaseyGerry partner and head of Mass torts, Frederick Schenk has been appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in the Social Media Judicial Council Coordination Proceedings (JCCP) lawsuit against several of the world’s biggest Social media companies, including Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, TikTok, and others.

From Smalley, More Thoughts and Law About CCP 998 Offers

February 23, 2023 Blog,California Laws,Eric Ganci

California Code of Civil Procedure 998 offers can seem straight forward. You make an offer to settle. And if you beat that offer at trial, then you can seek certain costs per CCP 998, which may include costs for expert witnesses.

Can a Jui-Jitsu Franchisee Be Liable When a Student is Injured in a Sparring Session? Pereda v. Atos Jui Jitsu, Part 2

February 21, 2023 Blog,California Laws

By Eric Ganci

I recently discussed the November 23, 2022 decision Pereda v. Atos Jui Jitsu, which right now is cited as 2022 WL 17174558. That blog focused on the principles of agency: actual agency and ostensible agency, and whether a franchisor can be liable for the negligence of a franchisee.

apple's iphone data tracking opt-outs

CaseyGerry Investigates Apple’s Alleged Disregard for User Data Tracking Opt-Outs

February 6, 2023 Blog,Class Action

Since November 2022,  four lawsuits have been brought against the mega-tech company, Apple Inc. for the flagrant disregard of user privacy, and for misleading marketing practices. 

Of the four, two are filed in the Northern District of California for expressly violating California’s privacy laws including the California Invasion Of Privacy Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

What is the Difference Between Actual Agency and Ostensible Agency? Part 1

February 3, 2023 Blog,California Laws

By Eric Ganci

If a business harms you, then the business may be liable for your injuries. However, this gets deeper if the business is a franchised business from another name.

KIA Telluride Headlight Malfunction Investigation

February 2, 2023 Blog,Class Action

CaseyGerry is investigating reports of malfunctioning halogen headlights in 2020 Kia Telluride Models.

Kia Telluride car owners reported that their headlights stopped working, or worked sometimes. The reports also indicated that once the headlights started to malfunction, the owners only recourse was to replace them at the cost of $3000.00.

Can You File a Lawsuit Using a Pseudonym and Not Your Real Name?

By Eric Ganci

Filing a lawsuit in California, or anywhere, requires big decisions. One decision may be if you file, you may need to put your actual name on file, for all the public to have access to.