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Amazon Faces Latest Liability Test In Lone Star State

March 25, 2021 Ecommerce,News Articles

Will the state of Texas find Amazon liable?  Law360 explores recent developments in ecommerce liability and discusses the impact of McMillan v. with CaseyGerry attorney Jeremy Robinson.

“Ultimately, it comes down to who should bear the responsibility if you can’t find who the seller or the manufacturer is: the person who got hurt or Amazon,” Robinson said.

What Is A Personal Injury Settlement Agreement?

March 25, 2021 Personal Injury Blog

A personal injury settlement agreement is a legally binding contract that two parties to a lawsuit enter into voluntarily. Most personal injury cases never make it to trial and instead, the parties negotiate the terms of an agreement.

How to pick the best law firm: Early investigation makes a difference

March 24, 2021 Blog,Personal injury

How much harm can a little delay cause? When it comes to personal injury – a lot.

CaseyGerry understands the importance of early investigation. Which is why we have a team of full-time professional investigators whose job it is to obtain all relevant reports, documents, photographs, video, statements, and scene data which our attorneys and staff use to begin the process of prosecuting your case quickly and thoroughly.

Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

March 24, 2021 Personal Injury Blog

When you are in negotiations or after you have received a personal injury settlement, it is normal to wonder if it is considered taxable income in California. The majority of it is not, but some portions can be depending on the types of compensation you receive. 

How to pick the best law firm: Look for the distinguishing factor

March 21, 2021 Blog

With so many lawyers ready and willing to help clients, how do those seeking representation know which lawyer or law firm will be a good fit. In today’s highly competitive landscape, it is not enough to be a good lawyer or a reputable law firm.

CaseyGerry files Amicus Brief with Public Justice and Texas Watch in high profile Amazon case in the Texas Supreme Court

March 19, 2021 Ecommerce,Knowledge Base

The Texas Supreme Court is about to hear the argument in a closely-watched case that will determine whether Amazon is liable under Texas law for injuries caused by defective products that were fulfilled by Amazon.

Data Breach – Preferred Home Care of New York

March 12, 2021 Data Breaches

Assistcare Home Health Services LLC dba Preferred Home Care of New York/Preferred Gold has reported a data breach that may have impacted the personal information of the company caregivers.

Preferred Home Care of New York works with about 7,000 certified aids across the state of New York.

SITA Supply Chain Data Breach

March 5, 2021 Data Breaches

SITA, the global leader in air transport data management, has reported a data breach that may have affected passenger information.

The data giant reported the cyberattack on Thursday, February 24, 2021 and confirmed that it has notified several airlines that were affected.

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