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California Drug Litigation Lawyers

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California Drug Litigation Lawyers

When a pharmaceutical company develops a new medication, the public expects that it has left no stone unturned with regard to safety testing. Unfortunately, drugmakers have failed to meet these expectations on many occasions, and these shortcomings have led to life-threatening side effects in consumers. That’s unacceptable

As one of the longest-standing law firms in California, CaseyGerry has spent decades taking companies to task when their careless conduct caused injury. Our attorneys have spearheaded high-profile litigation against some of the largest corporations in the world, including many drug companies. No defendant is too big for us.

Zantac Drug Lawsuit

Zantac has been the industry-standard for heartburn treatment since it came to market in the 1980s. Initially, it was a prescription drug, but it also quickly became an over-the-counter drug that was accessible to those who needed it. This was the case until it was discovered that Zantac could be a cancer-causing drug.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled Zantac in 2019 after testing revealed the drug has dangerous levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen. It is unclear whether Zantac has contained NDMA since the 1980s. If so, it has put people at risk of developing cancer for decades.

Those who have been diagnosed with cancer are now seeking justice and damages from the drugmaker Sanofi for its failure to warn them of the risks. If you were diagnosed with cancer after taking Zantac on a regular basis, you may be able to join the litigation to hold Sanofi responsible and accountable by seeking compensation for damages. Please visit our Zantac Drug Lawsuit page for more information.

Leadership in Drug Litigation

CaseyGerry is committed to obtaining justice and much-deserved compensation for people who have been wronged or hurt by companies’ negligent conduct. The firm has represented individuals against the manufacturers of Rezulin, Propulsid, Metabolife 356, Hydroxycut, Fen-Phen and Baycol, to name a few. Firm partner, Gayle M. Blatt, has held leadership roles in many of these cases, serving on court-appointed steering committees in the coordinated litigation. This type of leadership benefits our clients, as we help spearhead the litigation and have the latest updates as cases progress.

If you developed cancer after using Zantac for routine therapy, we can give you the information and guidance you need regarding legal recourse. Feel free to call CaseyGerry at (619) 238-1811. There is no obligation when you call.

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