$6 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Involving a Fire in a Home

In a very tragic situation where a divorced father triggered a fire resulting in the tragic death of his daughter, despite significant challenges in dealing with the insurance company, Casey Gerry was successful in achieving a $6 million recovery for her mother and surviving daughter. We were very honored to represent the family.

Watch the video where the team shares the strategy behind winning this case.

Client Review:

I, [I.R.], highly recommend CaseyGerry and especially the managing partner, David S. Casey, Jr. They are the best lawyers. I suffered a major tragedy when my two daughters found themselves in a house fire. Thanks to God one of my girls was saved but my other girl unfortunately died in that fire. From the first day I met with the attorneys at CaseyGerry, they treated me with care and attention, taking their time to listen to me. They immediately began working hard against the Homeowner’s Insurance Company. In those moments I was sad and devastated with the loss of my girl. So to feel heard by them, gave me the confidence and security to know that I was truly with the right people. They gave me trust, support and patience. But now my girl and I feel very blessed and grateful to CaseyGerry and particularly the managing partner because we receive the maximum award. We now have the possibility of having good health insurance that helps us obtain therapy for our grief. Our settlement will also provide for my daughter’s school and even allow us to buy a house. Above all, we are feeling more peace now. Once again, I am eternally grateful to CaseyGerry, its managing partner, David Casey, Samantha Kaplan, Jason Evans, Noah Moss, Joselyn Sosa, and all of the other staff who worked very hard on our case. They are the best lawyers! 👍❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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