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Head Injury

NFL and Players Reach Concussion Settlement

September 3, 2013 Blog,Head Injury

More than 4,500 former football players and their families will be eligible to be included in a tentative settlement with the National Football League reached on Thursday in a landmark lawsuit that scrutinizes concussions and their enduring impact on the brain.


June 14, 2013 Blog,Head Injury

When one thinks of head injury and sports, football immediately comes to mind.

So it was a big surprise earlier this month when the New York Times published a piece citing cycling as the top sport for head injuries.

Amidst Growing Safety Concerns, High School/Youth Football Organizers Look for Solutions

May 2, 2013 Blog,Head Injury

High school just wouldn’t be high school without football.

At least that’s the way many parents and children see it.

Yet in aftermath of the high profile deaths of former pro players such as Junior Seau, concerns are growing over the long-term effects of playing football, putting the spotlight on the potential dangers of head trauma and concussions at the high school level – and beyond.

New Concussion Guidelines Introduced

March 20, 2013 Blog,Head Injury

For the first time many years, there are new guidelines for treating concussions in this country.

In a breakthrough for brain injury treatment, this week, the American Academy of Neurology  (AAN) changed its guidelines on evaluating athletes who show signs of a concussion.

March Marks Brain Injury Awareness Month

February 4, 2013 Blog,Head Injury

CaseyGerry Attorneys Specialize in Serious Brian Injury Cases

More than 1.5 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury each year. To raise awareness about this often debilitating injury, The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) will mark Brain Injury Awareness Month – themed “Brain Injury: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone” – this March.

Study Confirms that Contact Sports can trigger Severe Brain Injury

December 5, 2012 Blog,Head Injury

As concerns mount over the inherent dangers of head injuries in contact sports, researchers at Boston University have released the most extensive examination to date of deceased athletes’ brains. Evidence links repeat concussions to permanent brain injury

Published by Boston University School of Medicine researchers, the four-year study examined brain autopsies of 85 male donors ranging from age 17 to 98, including football players at various levels, boxers, hockey players and a group of veterans.