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Jeremy K. Robinson

The Curious Case of Amazon’s Product Liability Strategy

Until recently, Amazon had a unified, and largely successful, approach to avoiding lawsuits over defective products sold on its marketplace. But now things have shifted, and Amazon finds itself in a bind.

Impact of Black Lives Matter Movement Reaches the Courts

By Jeremy K. Robinson, CaseyGerry

Just over a week after the Black Lives Matter protests started, a panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion on the use of excessive force by the police against a homeless black man that included the exhortation, “[t]his has to stop.”

No Accountability for Financial Misconduct Means no Change

By Jeremy K. Robinson and David S. Casey, Jr.,  CaseyGerry – The Los Angeles Daily Journal

The financial crisis of the late 2000s, aka the “Great Recession,” was supposed to be a wake-up call that the nation’s big financial institutions were out of control.

High Court Limited Reach of RICO

By Jeremy K. Robinson, CaseyGerry — as Published in the Daily Journal

Growing globalization of both legitimate and illegitimate enterprises has increasingly raised the question: can a private entity bring civil claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) for illegal acts and injuries that happened outside the U.S.?

California High Court Clarifies Use of Anti-SLAPP Law by Government Entities

By Jeremy K. Robinson, CaseyGerry

Every year, thousands of individuals and organizations are sued for exercising their constitutional right to free speech. These suits are known as “SLAPPs” — Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.

Districts Split on Scope Respondeat Superior Liability

By Jeremy K. Robinson, CaseyGerry — Published Daily Journal

Imagine: you are the managing partner at a law firm. One Saturday morning, you learn that the night before, one of your employees left work and later crashed into and killed an innocent driver.

FELA cases: A refresher course

— by Jeremy K. Robinson

(Reprinted with permission from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, Trial Bar News)

Railroad employees have a unique relationship with their employer.  Instead of being covered by workers’ compensation (for which they usually are not eligible), railroad employees must look to the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (“FELA”), 45 U.S.C.

Proving and Disproving Causation in Product Liability Cases

— by Jeremy K. Robinson

(Reprinted with permission from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, Trial Bar News)

Proving causation in a personal injury case can be tricky.  In theory it seems simple enough – did one thing lead to another?