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Dedicated to the Pursuit of Justice

San Diego Mass Tort Lawyers

As San Diego’s premier mass tort law firm, we have successfully helped many thousands of wrongfully injured people for over 75 years. We know firsthand the tenacity, compassion, and attention to detail that victims need in the courtroom as the oldest plaintiff’s law firm in San Diego. Our team of experienced litigators has the courtroom experience to put your mind at ease—so let us.

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  • Millions won for our injured clients
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Our mass tort litigation has restored a sense of justice to the lives of those with whom we have worked. We know how painful, uncertain, and intimidating the legal process can be, which is why we strive to be there for you every step of the way. No question is off-limits, and we are always available to address your concerns.


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What Are the Differences Between Mass Tort and Class Action Litigation?

Mass Tort

Class Action

Each victim is treated as an individual instead of a member of a larger group All plaintiffs are grouped together as a “class,” where one individual is chosen to represent the class as a whole
Can include a single victim or a group of victims, which typically includes fewer people than class action lawsuits Number of class members can range in the thousands, wherein the court will inform all potential class members who have sustained similar injuries that they can join
Each victim must individually prove how one has been hurt by the defendant The entire class is treated as a single plaintiff, wherein the class must prove how they’ve been hurt by the defendant
Doesn’t need certification Needs certification, or a set of criteria that the plaintiffs must meet for the litigation to qualify as a class for class action
More complicated than class action and typically takes longer to settle Simpler than mass tort and typically takes less time to settle


The Mass Tort Process

First, you will meet with a mass tort lawyer and have them review your medical records, medical bills, and any other expenses incurred from your damages and/or injuries.

Next, the lawyer will review the claims and evidence of other plaintiffs who have suffered similar damages or injuries because of the same product or device. He or she will determine how similar these cases are to one another.

Finally, if the lawyer determines these cases are similar enough to show plausible wrongdoing on behalf of the product or device manufacturer, a mass tort lawsuit will be filed against the company.


What is Mass Tort Litigation: Everything Else You Need to Know

Mass tort litigation can be used to defend a number of people who have all suffered at the hands of a faulty product or service. However, the most commonly seen mass tort lawsuits go after dangerous or defective pharmaceutical products and medical devices that poison or injure victims.

If a number of federal mass tort claims against the same product or service have been made across the country, these lawsuits may enter multidistrict litigation (MDL) to expedite and simplify the legal process for everyone involved. The case will only go to trial if the plaintiffs do not receive what they believe is a fair settlement in the MDL process.

Some mass tort cases are also known as bellwether cases, in which a handful of plaintiffs from a larger group file a mass tort claim to see how it will fare in court. Both the plaintiffs and defendants can get a sense of how juries will respond to the claims and evidence in a bellwether case, which happens exclusively through MDL.


Fighting for You, Fighting with You

CaseyGerry’s team of world-class lawyers also includes well-trained, certified private investigators and conscientious legal staff, many of whom have been with CaseyGerry for over 30 years. We take pride in guiding our clients through every step of the legal process, and we are here to address your questions, comments, or concerns at any time.

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We encourage you to contact us today for expert legal advice. When you need a team of experienced, compassionate, and determined mass tort lawyers, you deserve the best: CaseyGerry.

Courtroom Leaders With the Results to Match

CaseyGerry and its partners are among the nation’s most distinguished legal teams. We have received recognition from renowned legal organizations and national publications around the country, including Martindale Hubbell, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the U.S. News & World Report, the American Association for Justice, Law Dragon, and the Best Lawyers in America.

In addition to providing world-class legal services that have earned us these distinctions, CaseyGerry is passionate about volunteer service in San Diego and the surrounding communities. Many of our team members offer pro bono legal services to local organizations and individuals in need. Some of our proudest moments include serving the families of 9/11 victims, as well as collaborating with Trial Lawyers Care, the largest pro bono program in U.S. legal history.

Our care for the people we serve goes beyond the courtroom, and we are proud to have bettered the lives of many in our community.

Our Experienced San Diego Mass Tort Attorneys Are Here for You

For the best San Diego mass tort lawyers, choose CaseyGerry. Our consistently strong track record of advocacy and passion for offering shrewd, comprehensive legal services to those who need it most have earned us a reputation of which we are immensely proud.


To schedule your free consultation, contact us today. Our capable team of tenacious legal advocates is ready to address your needs, fight for justice, and get you the restitution you deserve.

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