Kelly Breckenridge

Private Investigator

Kelly Breckenridge is an in-house investigator at Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield, LLP. She has been a licensed private investigator for the state of California since 2017. Prior to her employment with Casey Gerry, Ms. Breckenridge worked for San Diego Superior Court for 13 years and investigated financial crimes for San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office for 10 years.

While with the District Attorney’s Office, Ms. Breckenridge successfully completed the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic Course with over 360 hours of classroom, weapons, and physical agility training. The POST certified Basic Course is the training standard for police officers, deputy sheriffs, school district police officers and district attorney investigators.

Currently, Ms. Breckenridge represents Casey Gerry on sexual assault cases and has worked on various other personal injury and wrongful death cases. She is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), which works to advance and protect licensed private investigators.

  • California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI)