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Trucking Accident

Reporting An Unsafe Truck Driver

February 15, 2023 Trucking Accident

If you witness a truck driver behaving dangerously, you have the option to report them. By doing so, you may prevent a severe or even fatal truck accident. Alternatively, it can serve as critical evidence if a collision does occur. 

Truck Blind Spots: Who Is Liable For an Accident?

July 7, 2021 Trucking Accident

Commercial trucks have large blind spots that can considerably limit a truck driver’s visibility. Motorists must exercise caution when passing trucks in traffic, but commercial drivers must also drive in a predictable manner and use turn signals well before making any maneuvers.

What Is the Semi Truck’s Black Box and How Can It Be Used as Evidence?

June 28, 2021 Trucking Accident

An in-depth investigation into a truck accident is paramount in building a solid case, including retrieving data from the truck’s black box. A black box’s job is to store data related to the truck driver’s performance, which can ultimately help prove that a trucking company or their driver was negligent.