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Types of Product Defects and Injuries

Consumers have a right to believe that the products they buy and use are safe and without defects. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer unexpected harm each year while using a defective product. These injuries and deaths happen as a result of a variety of products – from auto parts to toys to chemicals, medical devices, flammable materials, and others. Below are the three main types of product defects and the injuries they can cause.

Types of Product Defects

Design: A person used a product reasonably, but as a result of a defective design, the product failed to perform safely and injured him or her.

Manufacturing: The product manufacturer failed to produce a safe product according to its design. As a result of that failure, the resulting defect hurt someone.

Inadequate warning: The creator of a product failed to offer warnings that explain to the user the dangers associated with the product.

These three types of product defects can cause a variety of injuries, some of which may be fatal. The harm may involve the following:

  1. Personal injury,
  2. Mental anguish or emotional harm,
  3. Property damage,
  4. Loss of consortium, meaning the loss of companionship due to the injuries, and/or
  5. Other losses.

The above harm can lead to financial damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and others. It can also cause a change in a person’s lifestyle, enjoyment, and his or her family’s emotional well-being. A skilled attorney can determine the full scope of damage the injury caused and then pursue a claim to seek compensation for those losses.

Getting Legal Help

Simply put, those involved in the design, manufacturing, distributing, and selling of a product must uphold their duty to protect the consumer from harm. If an injury or wrongful death resulted from a defective product design, manufacturing or negligent marketing, CaseyGerry’s product liability lawyers can help. Our team can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. We welcome you to contact our firm at (619) 238-1811.

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