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Presenting The CaseyGerry Law Foundation: Empowering Justice, Enriching Communities

April 17, 2024 Blog,Community Involvement

The law firm of CaseyGerry is honored to announce the launch of the CaseyGerry Law Foundation. Since 1947, our firm has been an integral part of the community. As the oldest plaintiff law firm in San Diego, we witnessed pivotal moments in the history of our city, growing as the city evolved, and standing true to the right for all to seek justice. 

We were part of the beginnings of the Lawyers Club, the San Diego Chapter of ABOTA, the Consumer Attorneys of California, and many more organizations dedicated to upholding the integrity of the law. 

We worked with Governor Gray Davis to pursue legislation against Big Tobacco for the wellbeing of all Californians and represented fishermen in the Exxon environmental catastrophe. CaseyGerry was a forerunner in holding asbestos companies accountable for their vagrant disregard for the health of our residents and was instrumental in affecting change in the practices of the National Football League (NFL) when we represented the family of Junior Seau in a wrongful death case and against the tobacco industry on behalf of the family of beloved San Diego Padres legend, Tony Gwynn.  

However, in all this history, one thing has stayed true: our commitment to the community. This is why we are glad to establish the CaseyGerry Law Foundation, an initiative to support efforts that promote justice and equality and ensure access to legal resources for all. 

We strive to continue our work with the communities we serve, both locally and beyond, and to support organizations that do such great work in bettering the world we live in. Some of the organizations we have worked with include the Civil Justice Foundation, Father Joe’s Villages, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, Think Dignity, Monarch School, and many more. A more comprehensive list of our efforts can be seen here. 

In addition, one of our proudest moments was during the troubling times following 9/11. The firm worked to create Trial Lawyers Care (TLC), a collaborative effort to provide pro bono legal support for the families of those we lost in 9/11. Through the program, volunteer lawyers represented over 1700 families in what was the largest pro bono effort in the history of American jurisprudence. 

Through the launch of the CaseyGerry Law Foundation, we will partner with local organizations and educational institutions to expand our efforts to ensure that underserved communities have a voice and that bright minds have access to the legal education they need to continue the important work of establishing justice for all. 

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